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Aluminum, ABS Wing Assembly for 1/18 X-Wing Hasbro Conversion

This set of wings is an accurate representation of the Studio Scale X-Wing wings scaled up to 1/18 scale. The wing assembly consists of 6065 laser cut 1.5mm thick aluminum wing sides, ABS FDM printed middle section and “connector” part. Please note, this listing does not include SLA plant-on parts.

The package will include parts for 4 wings:

  • 12 ABS parts – 3 parts for each wing
  • 8 aluminum parts – 2 parts for each wing


    ABS parts connect together and are glued between the aluminum sections.






    This is an example of the assembled wing with engine and laser cannon parts attached. Please note the engine and laser cannon parts are available separately



    A few notes:

  • ABS parts are printed in FDM printer and do not have the surface finish as good as the SLA printed parts. To improve the surface finish the parts might need to be sanded or skinned with thin styrene sheets
  • The aluminum parts have the score lines etched on the surface. The etching may not go as deep as desired. If you like to make it deeper you will need to scribe the lines with a sharp tool using score lines as a guide.
  • We suggest using adhesion promoter for gluing the ABS and aluminum parts together.


    • Please allow 2 weeks lead time for this item
    • Aluminum and ABS Parts
    • 3D Printed
    • 50 Micron resolution