Question: Do you ship worldwide?

Answer: Yes, we do ship worldwide.

Question: How long the shipping takes?

Answer: The shipping to USA usually takes 4-6 business days and overseas shipping takes 1-2 weeks.

Question: Where are the parts shipped from?

Answer: We are located in Toronto, Canada


Question: What are the processing times?

Answer: The parts are printed to order. It usually takes 3-4 days for the parts to be printed, dried and prepared for shipping, however during busy seasons like Christmas may take up to 1 week.

Question: I need to get a part that I don't see on your website.

Answer: Please fill out 'Contact Us' form, we will be more than happy to help you.


Question: I have received the parts I ordered and they have bases and supports still attached to them. Why?

Answer: The models are shipped with bases and supports attached to lower the cost, improve rigidity and protect the parts during shipping. For the information on how to remove the supports, please visit the following page.

Question: Do I need to wash the parts I have received from you before priming/painting?

Answer: No, the parts are ready to be primed. If you see gloss, wet spots, please use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to wipe that area. make sure isopropyl alcohol doesn't stay there for long and wipe it off with a dry cotton swab. Another approach could leaving the part exposed to day light for some time. The SLA resin hardens under UV light which is a part of day light. Even though the parts are throughfully dried before shipping, if you feel the part you have received has spots that are not fully cured, please leave the part to be exposed to day light (not sunlight!) for a few days.

Question: SLA resin is known to deteriorate and loose its properties over time. Is it possible to avoid it?

Answer: Yes, you can minimize the effect of UV light by making sure the part is no longer exposed to UV light. This may include applying a few layers of primer/paint or using a clear coat with UV blocking filter.

Question: What printers do you use to print the parts?

Answer: We primarily use Formlabs Form 2 printers. For more information on Form 2 printer please visit this page.