Landing Lights Set for Light and Sound Bluetooth Controller for 1/72 Bandai PG Millennium Falcon

  • $35.00

This set of 20 landing lights is to use with the Light and Sound Bluetooth Controller available here: Light and Sound Bluetooth Controller but can also be used separately by connecting it to a 5v power source.

Available as a kit or a fully assembled set.

Please note - soldering is required for the kit version.

This set comes with the following components:

  • 20 Bright white 9000K LEDs
  • 20 Light emitters (sixteen 2.5mm diam. and four 4mm diam. at the tip)
  • Red and black heat-shrink tube
  • Two conductor wire
  • power connector

The LEDs are snug fit into the emitters for easy set up.

The light diagram will soon be available in the Resources section of the website.


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