Light and Sound Bluetooth Controller for 1/18 DeAgostini X-Wing

Light and Sound Bluetooth Controller for 1/18 DeAgostini X-Wing

  • $165.00

This controller is a drop-in replacement for DeAgostini X-Wing's stock circuit board and is designed to work with the stock electronics of the model utilizing the existing connectors for the lights, motors, switches, and power of the DeAgostini X-Wing. It also enhances the model with additional features. The controller can also work with any other X-Wing large-scale model. It allows you to light up and remotely control the engines, laser cannons, cockpit lights, droid lights, movement of the wings, and droid dome. The engine light effects are accompanied by the sound effects of a working engine. The controller is operated remotely with a Bluetooth-enabled device such as a cell phone or a tablet.

The highlights of the controller:

  • Remotely operate the light and sound effects of an X-Wing using a Bluetooth connection
  • Drop-in replacement for the stock board- compatible with the stock DeAgostini X-Wing connectors
  • Allows to control independently engine lights, laser blasters, cockpit lights, wings, droid dome, and light, and sound effects
  • Improved engine light effects
  • Addition of authentic sound effects
  • Ability to customize audio effects by replacing the files on the micro CD card
  • Built-in voltage regulator - allows using a variety of power supplies

The set comes with the following:

  • The controller
  • Low-frequency audio speaker
  • Micro CD Card with pre-recorded sound effects
  • Instructions

Light and Sound Controller for DeAgostini X-Wing

The controller will be shipped with the Micro SD Card pre-installed

The controller is built on a custom-designed board to fit into the designated space inside DeAgostini X-Wing.

There are two options for the speaker available. The smaller 28 mm speaker can be easily hidden inside the hull, but is quieter and has less frequency range. The larger speaker sounds better but may require some light modifications to be done in order to be hidden. We recommend removing a part of the hidden structures located under the droid strip.

This is a single-board controller built around an ESP32 Mini chip.

Light and Sound Controller for DeAgostini X-Wing

Shown below is the location of the connectors for the stock LEDs and devices as well as the additional ones.

Light and Sound Controller for DeAgostini X-Wing

The controller uses the existing power connections for DeAgostini X-Wing. Either batteries or a power supply can be used.

The sounds can be customized by uploading alternative sound files to the Micro SD card. The same naming must be preserved in order for the controller to recognize the sound files.

The device is controlled remotely by the software Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect freely available on Apple App Store and Google Play. The installation is simple and straightforward.

Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect

A 3-inch cable extension can be used if one or more of the cables for DeAgostini X-Wing is too short to reach the circuit board.


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